Sliding Scale per 1.5-2 hours, approximately

I specialize in PTSD, depression and anxiety, among other things.

I also tend to see A LOT of pain related problems, due to repetitive strain or over-use.

I also like to use needles to treat scars which can often times, cause pain and discomfort.

In addition, I also offer Acupressure and Cupping

In some cases, some people present with something that is more in-depth than just standard back pain.  This is for the Near Death Experiences. This will likely require more time with you talking about your experience in detail. The same healing approach applies where I will use acupuncture as part of the session but know that there may be some acupressure, cupping or essential oils.

Taoist Color Healing - I have a synesthisia of sorts where I can see colors that a person might need to look at. This is specific to PTSD.  The eyes need to energetically reconnect to the brain.  The brain needs to be taken care of and trauma gets in the way of this. I will show you the color on my phone and will hold it in front of you for about 30-45 seconds. 

If needed, I will use Tarot Cards and I Ching cards to gain more perspective. 

I also offer this as a service where I would do the card reading in private and then give you THE hard-written reading for you to keep.

These readings, alone are $175.00.