I am currently not practicing acupuncture but will be back to post an update when the time comes!




I am a NY Licensed Acupuncturist, currently living in Staten Island. I started getting acupuncture in 1999 after suffering with chronic hives for two years. I was taking western medicine while getting acupuncture and it was a success. I was able to get off ALL western medicines and became a loyal fan of acupuncture!

​I am Taoist in nature. Be here, now. Do not focus on the outcome or the length of time, stay present and do what you can with the present moment ... knowing that things will change. The only thing permanent, is change. 

Acupuncture is at least 3,500 year old. It's a form of medicine that uses very thin needles that are inserted into very specific areas of the body, usually lined up with bundles of nerve fibers, trigger points (a knot in a muscle) or a traditional acupuncture point for a specific reason. 

There is no one modality that cures people on its own. Acupuncture is complimentary to whatever other modalities you may be using. During a session, it's also likely that I will make suggestions as to other things you can be doing!


Healing isn't easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.  It also means making a commitment which requires discipline and some sacrificing.  There are very few things that will heal INSTANTLY.  I will never tell you how many sessions something will take to heal ... it's impossible. 

What I can say is that I would ask for 3-5 sessions to see how you respond to the treatment and to see if acupuncture is the right choice for you. It also gives you time to get to know me and vice versa. 

When you commit to healing, you may end up taking this path alone. It varies but what are your options?  If you commit, you're looking at a door opening for you which could likely lead to ... happier times. 

No one likes to feel pain but it's just a sign from your body to get your attention that something isn't working right!